Kicking the bucket: a list of life goals

If I can be honest with you all… much like everyone else probably does… I fear *dramatic pause* death. I have spent nights staring at the ceiling when I should be sleeping, resting for the next work day, wondering what happens after I leave this life. Of course, I have some beliefs, but people who constantly worry may juggle different ideas in their heads: “What if I’m wrong? What will it feel like? Am I a good enough person? Where will I go after it happens?” I know I’m not alone in this, go out and look at the statistics. Millions of people are living with this fear. I’ve thought considerably about death and what it means for my family and friends, and the rest of the world. It happens to everyone, at any given time, when your clock has officially run out of time. The inevitability and the inability to control it is what people fear most.

I’ve been trying not to think about it, but I feel as though it has gotten a little harder when I’ve got Lily to worry about. Because I don’t know when it’ll happen, or how. But it will, and I’ll be leaving my girl behind. That thought shatters my heart. But we all will leave someday.

Okay, sorry I’m being dramatic but it’s a real fear that has caused me much stress and unnecessary heartache at the worst times. I’ll worry about it when the time comes. I can’t let it consume my living, breathing days. So, while I’m still here, I’m gonna work on coming out of my shell and doing things I’d be proud of accomplishing in my lifetime. There was a quote I heard once, not sure where, but it really made me think. But basically it was: “When we die, we won’t be regretting the things we did in life, but the things we didn’t do.” We’ve only got one life to live, so do the things you want to! Do what you love! Don’t let anyone stop you from achieving your goals and following your dreams! Because at the end of the day, we’re all trying to live our best lives before the clock runs out.

Here’s a list of some of my life goals and things I’d like to do and see before I go. This post will be updated occasionally if I happen to come across other things that I want to add to my list.

Life Goals

  1. Write and publish a book
  2. Travel to Greece, Italy, and Ireland
  3. Earn a Bachelors degree
  4. Earn a Masters degree
  5. Run a marathon (would also require me to get fit, which is also a goal)
  6. Ride a mechanical bull
  7. See the Northern Lights
  8. Learn how to play the guitar
  9. Learn a new language
  10. Cut all my hair off (completed!)
  11. Complete a full tattoo sleeve
  12. Visit all 50 states
  13. Adopt a pet from a shelter
  14. Go skydiving
  15. Hike up a challenging trail/mountain

Some websites you can check out for ideas of what to put on your list are Daring to Live Fully and Bucket List. There are all sorts of things on there that I never would’ve even thought about initially, but would be so great to do before I “kick the bucket.”

I know my list isn’t very long, but this was something I never really thought about until very recently. I’d love to hear what yours are. Maybe they’re so fascinating, that I’ll add them to my list, too! Let me know in the comments below.

Also, if you haven’t seen my last post, go check out my 5 must-reads for 2018 that I shared last week!


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